301 INOX

  • High productivity
  • Bag-in-Box option
  • Mixer in tank option
  • Peristaltic pump
  • C1M: certified procedure to clean the machine without disassembling most of the parts
  • Dialog option: remote assistance and monitoring system


  • Gelato delivery
  • Gelato shops, Bars, Coffee shops

Product Details

301 Bib Inox is the counter-top machine for soft gelatosoft ice cream and frozen yogurt.

The electronic system grants a perfect structure, providing an instant and accurate consistency control.

The patented peristaltic pump grants high productivity and easy manteinance; it allows to treat any kind of mix, even the dense ones and with small pieces like seeds and grains.

The Bag-in-Box option allows to connect the pump directly to the bag filled with liquid mix.


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