Clima 50/100- Vertical Cooling Tunnel For Molds

Clima 50 and Clima 100 are two new vertical tunnels which allow to optimize the production of “printed” chocolate. Bars, chunks, chocolate snacks, everything that is produced using polycarbonate molds can now also be cooled in a small space, without sacrificing productivity.
It is no longer necessary to have industrial-sized workshops to be able to obtain a good production of printed matter. The vertical handling system, with alternating towers, guarantees the complete finishing and cooling of the products.
In line with a tempering machine with an hourly production of about 90 kg, these tunnels can cool up to 900 tablets (of 100 grams) per hour

Product Details

.Stainless steel - Aisi 304


  • Height: 2210 mm
  • Width: 2500/3500 mm
  • Length: 1000 mm

Technical Data
Vertical tunnel for molds 275mm x 175mm Equipped with compressor with 6 pressing rotors 2 or 4 loading towers (25 molds each) Pneumatic pistons for horizontal mold movement Timed mold presence sensors Cooling section 50 or 100 molds Conveyor system speed regulator Latest generation electronic board Inspection windows with internal light Electronically adjustable temperature (up to 5 ° C) Productivity: from 3 to 5 molds / minute Voltage: 220/380 V three-phase 50/60 Hz Consumption: 4 kW Inlet length: 450 mm Outlet length: 420 mm Weight: 700 or 900 kg


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