Ellisse 2011

In DE version, a control box manages the coffee dosing programmed by the user; you may programme 4  different coffee doses for each group.This version can be supplied with an optional gas heating kit.

Product Details

Main Technical Features:

Thermostatically Controlled groups: a 50W electric resistance keeps group temperature stable,even under high usage conditions.

Copper Boiler: enable the best steam and hot water productivity; levels are automatically managed by a control box.

Heat Exchangers: they are operated with an hydraulic circuit separated from the boiler, so coffee will always be prepared with fresh water.

Safety: double over-heating safety system, guaranteed by the boiler high-temperature cut-out thermostat and the hydraulic pressure gauge.

Toughness: Ellisse 2011 body is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304(14301)