Kleego 50/100

KLEEGO is FBM’s latest innovation in the sector of modular chocolate machines. It is addressed to the chocolate craftsman, and is the first machine that satisfies two important needs of producers who are dedicated to chocolate “from the bean to the bar”.

KLEEGO is a 50kg melting tank with integrated pump that can be used for the production of melted chocolate and is a 35kg high speed concave that efficiently improves the granulometry of the chocolate giving manufacturers new tools to control the development of the chocolate. aromas.

The dual function of KLEEGO takes place through the assembly of the removable upper conching accessory and a customized digital control panel that gives precise and repeated control over the main conching parameters.
The counter-rotating stirrers guarantee a high cutting action that breaks the chocolate particles and exposes them to air and heat.


Technical data
– Chocolate cutting: the counter-rotating stirrers create the “cut” of the chocolate. This breaks down the lumps of the particles effectively and quickly by coating them with cocoa butter. – Chocolate mixing: the screw pump circulates the chocolate continuously, during conching, guaranteeing the completeness of the process. – Air flows: the volume of forced hot air and its immediate extraction quickly release volatile aromas. – Heating: two independent heating systems (dissolution tank, hot air). STANDARD FEATURES: – Tank agitator speed: 0-60 RPM – Conching agitator speed: 22.5 rpm (fixed) – Melting tank temperature: up to 75 º C (~ 170 F) – Flow rate

Product Details



  • Height: 907/1107 mm
  • Width: 750/760 mm
  • Length: 500/550 mm


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