Ninja Bean

Ninja Bean is made entirely of stainless steel. It has a practical and fast operation to cut cocoa beans and reduce them into grains by separating them from the skins.
Ninja Bean features a removable hopper for easy cleaning. It offers the possibility to adjust the cut according to the size of the cocoa beans. The sophisticated system that allows you to adjust the suction speed also ensures the absence of dust and the reduction of steps for separating the grain from the skins. The product comes out through a very comfortable PVC conveyor belt that makes collecting the grain practical and simple.
Ninja Bean comes standard with a bag of cotton to collect the skins.

Technical Data
Production capacity: 45-60Kg / h Installed power: 3.8 KW Weight: 280 KG

Product Details



  • Height: 1392 mm
  • Width: 1328 mm
  • Length: 700 mm


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