Pann 30

The Pann chocolate enrobing machine is the pan with a steel tank made by FBM. The machine is designed to cover products with a spherical shape and a light consistency with chocolate.
The rotating vat is equipped with an inverter to optimize the confectioning of products with different weights and sizes.
Thanks to its small size it is ideal for all laboratories and is made entirely of stainless steel.
The ventilation unit, housed inside the structure, has as standard the management of hot or cold air intake, with regulation of the heating temperature.
The stainless steel piping introduces the air directly into the praline tank to speed up the entire process.
The pan is managed by a dedicated electronic board for setting the parameters of use.

Technical Data
Tank rotation inverter Hot / cold air as standard Tank capacity: 30 lt (20 kg / cycle) Weight: 200 kg Installed power: 2 Kw

Product Details



  • Altezza: 1400 mm
  • Larghezza: 950 mm
  • Lunghezza: 810 mm


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