Perla is the belt drum filling machine made by FBM.
The machine is designed to cover various types of spherical / oval shaped products such as hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. with chocolate.
Machine made entirely of stainless steel.
Ventilation unit housed inside the standard casing.
Slit in stainless steel for conveying the air into the praline tank.
Electromechanical control panel with thermoregulator for air temperature management and display.
Belt with direction reversal for the final collection of the product in combination with the lower pull-out drawer.

Technical Data Belt
for horizontal praling in food-grade POM Ambient air temperature, heated (adjustable) or cold Reversal of belt direction for unloading products Scraps collection drawer Belt speed regulator Capacity: 40 kg Horizontal belt width: 800 mm Weight: 450 kg Installed power : 2.2 Kw

Product Details



  • Height: 1370 mm
  • Width: 1250 mm
  • Length: 800 mm


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