• High flexibility
  • Floating sensor and precision-cast pro spinner
  • Pro tap:removable and easy to clean even with a full hopper
  • Pro grid, to add powders during the heating phase
  • Dialog: remote assistance and monitoring system
  • App M2M Dialog


  • Extremely short time (both minimum and maximum charges) pasteurization
  • Special mixes treatment

Product Details

Psk pro is the pasteurizer by Cattabriga for the production of gelato mixes. It is equipped with high technology and ease of use.

Psk pro allows to treat both minimum and maximum charges with high flexibility and in an extremely short time. Thanks to the double heating system, consumptions are reduced.

The new emulsifier, easy to remove and clean, is perfectly integrated by the spinner and the floating sensor, to process any kind of mix effectively.

The spinner speed varies automatically depending on the quantity of mix, that is measured by a floating sensor placed inside the tank; minimum and maximum charges are processed with the same efficiency, to grant the best possible heat transfer and to avoid foaming.

The new tap allows to extract the mix very easily. It is completely removable and easy to clean, even with a full hopper.


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