Rumbo – Kid

The machine takes up the old concept of stone production by providing a base and millstones in granite.
The artisan characteristic of the finished product (chocolate) is thus guaranteed by the processing method.
The experience in the sector of “from bean to bar” producers has made it possible to integrate solutions that add to the characteristics of refining and blending. In addition to the high temperature created by the friction, forced hot air (up to 75 ° C) is introduced in advance and / or concurrently with the process.
Being able to process the grains of the cocoa bean (grué) or the cocoa mass allows to reach a degree of refinement that is impalpable on the palate. The addition of sugar and possibly cocoa butter completes the result. The slow grinding / refining and subsequent mixing produced by RUMBO KID ensure that the cocoa is not stressed, giving the final product an excellent plasticity and fluidity.
The electronic board is equipped with an ethernet port, for future network connections and remote control also through the App.
Through the PLC with touchscreen it is possible to memorize various RECIPES (working parameters) to set and memorize the speed of the wheels, air heating, wheel inversion, the refining and rest time (dedicated settings).

Technical Data
Granite base 10 kg granite millstones. Equipped with screw pump for unloading chocolate. Adjustable wheel speed. Plexiglass lids for process control equipped with safety micro-switches Structure mounted on wheels Forced ventilation with adjustable temperature Processing tank capacity: 28 kg useful for refining Weight: 280 kg Installed power: 3Kw

Product Details


Height: 1150 mm
Width: 997 mm
Length: 710 mm


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