Bench press to extract cocoa butter by hand. Created specifically for chocolate artisans who want to make their production completely autonomous and avoid having to resort to commercial cocoa butter. The extraction of the butter is allowed thanks to the heat provided by a resistance band and by the pressure exerted by a steel screw on the grain, inserted in the special hopper. After an initial heating phase, the craftsman can insert the grains and the cocoa butter will come out of the holes positioned on the tube. The waste product (which will then be transformed into cocoa powder) will come out from the end of the extraction tube. Sting will allow you to extract from 35% to 45% of cocoa butter present in your beans depending on the origin chosen with an hourly productivity of 1 Kg of extracted cocoa butter. Quick, simple and suitable for all chocolate “crafters” who want to personalize their chocolate even more, without relying in any way on large industries.

Product Details


  • Height: 580
  • Width: 725
  • Length: 280


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