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AL (S - R - TOP)

Strega model combines the modern features of a coffee machine of the twenty-first century, with the traditional lever system that guarantees optimal extraction of coffee flavours, delivering creamy espresso following the italian espresso tradition.

It works with a vibration pump operated by an electronic that automatically adjusts the boiler level.
Before coffee delivery the pump fills the lever group providing a pre infusion between coffee and water.
During delivery the pump stops, and the pressure in the group unit is developed by two springs that guarantee a steady supply and the best oil extraction from the ground coffee.
The group is heated by an heating element that ensures the group thermostability.

  • Electric heating
  • Automatic boiler water supply
  • Automatic blocking of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler
  • Water tank and vibration pump

Technical data STREGA

 Power supply  V~/Hz  110 - 120 / 50-60  220 - 240 / 50-60
 Resistance W 1350 1250 - 1450
 Boiler lt 2
 Tank lt 4
 Width mm 330
 Depth mm 450
 Height mm 710
 Net weight kg 28 (vibration pump) S
31 (no pump) R
30 (vibration pump) TOP
 Gross weight kg 30,5 (vibration pump) S
33,5 (no pump) R
32 (vibration pump) TOP
 Load connection
(R version)
G 3/8"
 Drain connection
(R version)
mm Ø 10


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