Tao – Kid

Ball mill suitable for refining chocolate, spreads, dried fruit pastes, etc. in a short time.
Designed to achieve a degree of fineness of 20/25 microns.
The machine is equipped with a special auger with automatic inversion.
Through the PLC with compact touchscreen it is possible to memorize various RECIPES. In this way, the processing is undemanding, fluid and easy to manage since it is possible to set and memorize the speed of the central agitator, the speed and direction of rotation of the pump, the refining time and the working temperature (heating / cooling).

Technical Data
Dimensions: 520 x 765 x 985H mm Weight: 200Kg Production capacity: 15Kg Electric consumption: 3Kw

Product Details



  • Height: 1070 mm
  • Width: 520 mm
  • Length: 765 mm


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