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The Espresso coffee machine UNICA PID is an excellent quality product with professional components which allows to get coffee and creamy cappuccino ready in a few seconds. It works with vibration pump and manual lever group, pulling the lever up the pump is activated and the coffee brewing starts, when the desired quantity of coffee in the cup is reached pulling down the lever the coffee brewing is stopped. The group is heated by the traditional thermosiphonic heating system.

The PID temperature control, using 2 programs, manages the coffee and steam temperature set by the user.
The coffee program can be set between 80 C° -100C°, while the steam program can be set between 105C° - 120C°

Stainless steel aisi 304 (14301) body

  • Steam and hot water delivered through steam wand with lever tap
  • Coffee temperature adjustable by PID digital thermostat
  • Coffee pressure gauge
  • Water tank and vibration pump

Technical data UNICA

 Power supply  V~/Hz  110 - 120 / 50-60  220 - 240 / 50-60
 Resistance W 1300 1350 - 1650
 Boiler lt 0,5
 Tank lt 3
 Width mm 250
 Depth mm 425
 Height mm 375
 Net weight kg 18,5
 Gross weight kg 21,5


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