Vibratrice 8

The 8-arm vibrating center machine is the ideal tool for any industry and large laboratory engaged in the production of hollow chocolate shapes (Easter eggs and the like).

A device with eight-arm magnet attachments, each capable of carrying molds up to a standard size of 640mm (6 kg each arm), allows the special molds to perform a double rotary movement and to receive a strong vibration: the first movement distributes evenly the chocolate on the walls of the mold, the second makes the surface that is created uniform and eliminates any small air bubbles that would damage the aesthetic result.

Vibration and rotation are operated by separate commands, while special devices allow the rotation speed to be varied.
The machine is also equipped with two fans positioned in front of the arms, which allow a first cooling of the product.

Technical data
Voltage 220V 50Hz single-phase Installed power 2 Kw Max mold size 640mm Revolutions / minute 1st / 2nd speed 2/4

Product Details



  • Height: mm. 1300
  • Width: mm. 700
  • Length: mm. 1800


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