Rumbaby [Grinder Mill]

The small stone refiner takes up and develops the concept of stone production being equipped with millstones and granite bottom.
The possibility of removing the steel refining tank facilitates the cleaning of the machine and the recovery of the product, reducing waste to a minimum.
The rotation of the wheels (and not of the tank) guarantees compliance with CE regulations (for moving parts).
Like the larger Rumbo, there is the introduction of forced hot air up to 75 ° C.
The whole process allows to reach a degree of refinement that is impalpable on the palate (up to 20 µ).
The electronic board is equipped with an ethernet port, for future network connections and remote control.
Through the PLC with touchscreen it is possible to memorize various RECIPES (working parameters) to set and memorize the speed of the wheels, air heating, wheel inversion, the refining and rest time (dedicated settings).


Data Touchscreen card with ethernet port – Completely removable mixing tank – Granite bottom and wheels (about 5 kg each) – Adjustable wheel speed – Plexiglass lids for process control equipped with safety micro – Forced ventilation with adjustable temperature up to 75 ° C – Processing tank capacity: up to 13 kg useful per cycle – Structure mounted on wheels – Dimensions: 550 x 546 x 720 (h) mm – Weight: 100 kg – Installed power: 2.3 Kw

Product Details



  • Height: 719mm
  • Width: 546mm
  • Length: 550mm


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