Fluxo – Wall Chocolate Fall

FLUXO is the new wall-mounted chocolate fountain by FBM.
The 3 meter wide steel wall is completely heated as well as the 60 kg melting tank and the adjacent inclined plane (favoring the recovery of the chocolate in the tank).
The heating thus guarantees the use of pure chocolate.
Built in stainless steel, the recirculation of the chocolate is carried out by a lobe pump (with adjustable speed and reverse) and is equipped with a protection system that allows the pump to be switched on only when the set temperature has been reached and maintained sufficiently for a long time to ensure that the chocolate is completely melted.
Finally, there is the rear chocolate emptying system to facilitate cleaning.

Technical Data
Voltage: 380 / 220V 50Hz / 60Hz three-phase / single-phase – Power: 4.5 Kw – Tank height from the floor: 875 mm – Weight: Kg. 500

Product Details


  • Height: 2450/2302.50 mm
  • Width: 2994/1000 mm
  • Length: 550/555 mm


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